Home and Living

At Leimana Hawaii we carry the work of 15 very creative Big Island Artisans. Many of them present their work in a variety of mediums. If your interested in learning more about them, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the About our Artisans menu and check out their bios! 

Here in this collection,  you will find various sizes of:

  • Matted and/or Framed Art/Graphic Art/Photographic prints
  • Matted and/or framed  Art/Graphic Art/Photographic Canvas prints
  • Framed posters
  • Gicleé Art prints
  • Matted and/or framed Original Drawings
  • Art/Graphic Art/Photographic prints in the form of large and small cards and envelopes, postcards, individual photos
  •  Art/Graphic Art/Photographic prints in various forms of decor (eg. pillows, hangings, etc.)
  • Home Decor items created from sewn fabrics
  • Original Art Coffee Mugs/cups