Huaka’i (travel/Journey) Designs

Huaka’i means Travel or Journey in Hawaiian. This abstract print by Malialuika pays homage to ancient Polynesian travelers who sailed canoes from island to island in the Pacific using currents, winds and stars.

This Huakaʻi design comes in three styles:

PS: Postage stamp style (this tee)
OR: Original Black and white design
IV: Inverted Original Design

 Available in multiple colors, styles and sizes, her designs coordinate with each  other for urban, casual, beach or travel wear.

She chooses to base her fabrics on comfort, feel and how they wear on the body as a primary goal. While she offers her designs for sale on multiple colors of fabric, she personally prefers black as a backdrop for her art, “ʻcause they look like the prints they were made from”